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Manners Makyth Man

Our motto originates from William of Wykeham who was born in 1324 in Wickham, Hampshire. It remains an important statement for the twenty-first century and applies to all our students. Whilst it might initially seem to be suggesting that it is beneficial to have good manners, that you should treat each other with courtesy and respect; this does not really capture the full scope of the statement. What it really means is that it is not by birth, money, or property that an individual is defined, but by how they behave towards others.

William of Wykeham came from a poor family and was educated at a grammar school. He went on to become the Chancellor of England (or, as we would now say, Prime Minister). It was William’s personal talents, the gift of an education in a grammar school, and above all a certain resilience, that allowed him to work his way to the top of the ruling class of his day and amass a considerable fortune. 

Our motto is shared by New College, Oxford and Winchester College.

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