Our Team

Senior Leadership Team 





Mrs R S Wall






Mr T Kennedy-Fowler

Deputy Headteacher

tkennedy-fowler @urmstongrammar.org.uk


  mr A elston
Assistant Headteacher


mrs A Rogers
Assistant Headteacher


mr p Roberts
Assistant Headteacher



Extended Leadership Team

 Ms J Langham  Associate Senior Leader
 Miss J Smith  Associate Senior Leader
 Miss A Lingwood  Head of Sixth Form
 Mr S Cummins  Assistant Senior Leader
 Mrs L Derby  Assistant Senior Leader


Pastoral Leaders

Miss C Murray  Year 7 Pastoral Leader
 Mr P Corrigan  Year 8 Pastoral Leader
 Mrs S Ryan  Year 9 Pastoral Leader
 Mr M Bird  Year 10 Pastoral Leader
 Miss J Smith  Year 11 Pastoral Leader
 Mrs J Lattin  Y7-11 Pastoral Manager


 Mr D Kearns  Assistant Head of Sixth Form Year 13
 Mr B Hains  Assistant Head of Sixth Form Year 12
 Mrs J Plano  Sixth Form Secretary


Subject Leaders

 Mr D Penney  Head of Maths
 Mrs L Derby  Head of English
 Dr O Richards  Head of Science/Biology
 Mr T Parker  Head of Chemistry
 Mr R Murray  Head of Physics
 Dr M Mc Partland  Head of Humanities/History
 Ms C Bramwell   Head of Geography
 Mrs H Stedman  Head of Religious Studies
 Mr A Elston  Head of Languages/French
 Mr S Cummins  Head of German
 Mr S Verma  Director of IT / Head of Computer Science
 Mrs L Nanvazadeh  Head of Art/Photography
 Mr T Barber  Head of Design & Technology
 Mrs S Rowlands  Head of Food and Nutrition
 Ms J Langham  Head of Music
 Mrs H Glen  Head of Drama
 Mr D Kearns  Head of Business & Economics
 Mr M Bradshaw   Head of PE
 Mr P Corrigan  Head of Politics
 Mrs B Dooley Head of Psychology
 Mrs N Kinder  Head of Sociology
 Mrs K Bourne  Head of PSE

To contact any of our staff, please email office@urmstongrammar.org.uk. Alternatively you can email any of our team members directly by using their individual email address in the format first initial, then surname, followed by @urmstongrammar.org.uk