Online Safety

Urmston Grammar recognises the incredible benefits of improving technology and the online world. We want to help our students to make the internet a great and safe place to work. We have provided advice for parents/carers, which can be found here:

The following links are aimed at our students themselves. 

Childnet provides advice on a wide range of online elements, including online bullying, digital wellbeing and gaming. It also provides useful links to report any concerning online activities to a range of social media providers

Childline also offer a great deal of support, directed at children and young  people. They also provide practical strategies to manage onlines issues. 

CEOP standsd for 'Child exploitation and online protection' and is corrdinated by the police. There are specific, age appropriate links on the link below, along with a mechanism to report abuse online.

Urmston Grammar has an 'Online Safety' Policy which can be found below.