Meet the Head Boy and Head Girl

During the summer term, many of our sixth formers run for election for a position on the senior prefect team; they produce written and video manifestos . All  students in the sixth form and staff are eligible to vote to elect a senior prefect team to represent our school. The successful prefects are then interviewed  for the position of Head Girl and Head Boy by a panel that includes our Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form. This process helps to prepare our students for future applications and interviews, for university places and job opportunities.

Our Sixth Form Prefect Team supports life within our Sixth Form and across our School, representing Urmston Grammar at open events and providing guidance to our younger pupils. This rewarding and year-long experience will help our sixth formers develop important transferable skills (including teamwork, reliability and public speaking) that will be useful in any future career.

We were delighted that Anya and William were elected as our Head Girl and Head Boy in Summer 2021 and are supported by Deputy Head Boy Jack, Deputy Head Girl Poppie and a team of senior prefects (Alicia, Ethan, Grace, Harriet, Illmars, Josh, Musa and Omotolani). All members of the new Sixth Form Prefect Team enjoy taking on these additional positions of responsibility supporting their school. 

Head Girl - Anya

My name is Anya Williams and I have been a student at Urmston Grammar since 2015 and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every year. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and French which have proved challenging but I find them all interesting and rewarding. After my A levels I hope to study Biomedical Sciences with French at either Manchester University or Imperial College London. As Head Girl I will strive to represent the school with dignity and grace whilst also celebrating the incredible diversity of our sixth form. 


Head Boy - William

I study French, Geography and Religious Studies and joined the Urmston Grammar Sixth Form community as an external student after living abroad in Gibraltar for 11 years. From day 1, I found the sixth form to be incredibly welcoming and I have particularly appreciated how approachable and supportive the staff are. In my capacity as Head Boy, I endeavour to bring in changes to reduce the school’s carbon footprint and support the newly established house system, as well as championing inclusivity within our school. After leaving sixth form I hope to study International Relations at university and pursue a career in the field. It is an honour to be selected as Head Boy for this academic year and I look forward to working with students and staff alike to give back to this community which has given me so much.