Exam Results 2023

We were delighted with the fantastic achievements of our Year 11 GCSE and Year 13 A level students this summer. The results are a reflection of the students' determination, dedication, and drive to be the best they can be - we are so proud of all of them. For our Year 13s their excellent grades have enabled them to move on with confidence to their chosen paths at university, on to competitive apprenticeships and into the world of work. For our Year 11s their remarkable results have allowed them to continue their studies and we are delighted that the majority have chosen to continue their academic journey with us.  We look forward to seeing what all our students will achieve in the future as they move to the next phase of their education and careers. Our teachers have worked tirelessly to support our students throughout their courses – and this was especially challenging this year as grades nationally returned to pre-pandemic levels. At GCSE, 68% of all the grades awarded were grade 9-7 and 42% were 9s and 8s. At A level, 68% of all the grades awarded were A*-B and 26.5% were A*/A.

Results data from 2023 is available at Urmston Grammar Academy - Find school and college performance data in England - GOV.UK (find-school-performance-data.service.gov.uk)

  GCSE Results 2023


% 9 - 4 grades


% 9 - 5 grades


% 9 - 7 grades


% 9 - 8 grades


No of candidates



 A Level 2023


% A*- E grades


% A*- C grades


% A*- B grades


% A*- A grades


No of candidates