Enrolment Day 2021

Our Sixth Form Enrolment Day will take place on Thursday 12th August 2021, the same day that GCSE results are released.

Students will need to confirm their place in Sixth Form after receiving their results. We plan for this process to take place on-site and face to face. We have staggered the timings to ensure a steady, uncrowded flow.

The enrolment process will use the same platform which all Year 11 students used initially to submit their application for the sixth form. Enrolment will open from 9am for Urmston Grammar Students, and from 10:30am for Newcomers, please see your enrolment letter for more details. Staff will be on hand to help students with this process on the day.

It is most important that any student who is on holiday on Results/Enrolment Day, emails sfenrol@urmstongrammar.org.uk . It is essential to confirm that they want to take up a place in the Sixth Form, if they have decided to change their option choices or to study elsewhere. 

this is the newly re-scheduled GCSE Results Day