Aims & objectives

Careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) is a progressive journey from KS3 (Year 7) to KS5 (Year 13).

The aims of the Careers Programme at Urmston Grammar are:

  • For students to develop positive attitudes towards study and work
  • For students to evaluate their own strengths and to build on their own areas for development
  • To help students fully engage in career planning
  • For students to understand and develop the skills that are required to be successful in their future pathway
  • To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of opportunities at key transition points and translate these effectively into appropriate decisions and actions
  • To provide students with the relevant careers information, advice and guidance that are suitable for their personal needs
  • To promote equality of opportunity, challenge stereotyping and support inclusion
  • To provide every student with, at least, one employer encounter during every school year
  • To ensure every student has at least one experience of a workplace by the end of Year 11 and a further one by the end of Year 13

Urmston Grammar also delivers CEIAG that meets the statutory requirements for schools (Careers Guidance and Inspiration in Schools, March 2015):

  • In-house support for pupils must be combined with advice and guidance from independent and external sources
  • All registered pupils at the school are provided with independent careers guidance from year 8 (12-13 year olds) to year 13 (17-18 year olds).
  • Independent careers guidance provided is presented in an impartial manner, includes information on the range of education or training options, including apprenticeships and other vocational pathways and is guidance that the person giving it considers will promote the best interests of the pupils to whom it is given

Our Careers Programme also aims for students to develop their skills in the following areas that have been identified as necessary for a positive career (CDI Framework, April 2021):

  • Grow throughout life
  • Explore possibilities
  • Manage career
  • Create opportunities
  • Balance life and work
  • See the big picture