CDI Careers Framework

The CDI Careers Framework (January 2020) contains 17 learning outcomes for careers, employability and enterprise education. Research has shown that focusing on these can help schools to achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks. At Urmston Grammar School our Careers activities are mapped to these learning outcomes to improve our Careers provision.

Developing yourself through careers, employability and enterprise education

1. Self-awareness

2. Self-determination

3. Self-improvement as a learner

Learning about careers and the world of work

4. Exploring careers and career development 

5. Investigating work and working life 

6. Understanding business and industry 

7. Investigating jobs and labour market information (LMI)

8. Valuing equality, diversity and inclusion 

9. Learning about safe working practices and environments

Developing your career management and employability skills

10. Making the most of careers information, advice and guidance 

11. Preparing for employability 

12. Showing initiative and enterprise 

13. Developing personal financial capability 

14. Identifying choices and opportunities 

15. Planning and deciding 

16. Handling applications and interviews 

17. Managing changes and transitions

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