Voices of the future

Maria's Story

Last Tuesday, Year sevens had an amazing opportunity to have their voices heard whilst also going on an educational journey to learn about trees.  The Year 7 students were able to go off-timetable to experience 3 different stations which helped children evolve in both their knowledge and confidence.

The students thoroughly enjoyed these stations.  For example, 'The Science of Trees' was an interesting feature, explaining many different facts about how trees are important to us as humans and why deforestation is so damaging.  We also found out how much carbon is in a tree and had a fun time outdoors using remarkable, up-to-date technology - getting a taste of what it's like to be a scientist.

Additionally, as year 7 students, we got the chance to express ourselves through storytelling.  We were able to listen to a fascinating story by a professional author and were given tips on how to create our own stories.  We then exercised our imaginations and shared our vision and our voices through our own creative writing.

The third station focused on poetry.  Here, we could express our emotions - how we felt about our environment - through the poetic form.  The session involved a number of fun games and competitions but also encouraged us to be calm and reflect upon our emotions in order to create strong, passionate poetry.

The Year Sevens as a whole experienced a fun and enjoyable day, revelling in the opportunity to go off-timetable, to learn about the environment and ourselves within in it, and to find a voice to express our thoughts and feelings on all of this.

Maria, Y7