Visit by Collège Jacques Mercusot

On Thursday last week - 2nd February - a group of students from Sombernon, Burgundy, in France, came to Urmston Grammar for the day 

Over 200 of our pupils timetabled for French on the day of the visit got to speak with our French visitors. The French were Y10; our students included all year groups from Y7 all the way to Y13. In groups, our students spoke English with our French visitors before switching to French for the second part of the discussion. After this, students met with a second or third or even fourth group of French students, again conversing in both languages.

Students from the Collège Jacques Mercusot last visited before the COVID outbreak in 2019, so it was 'formidable' to have them back here again!  Let's hope it won't be quite so long until their next visit.