year 12 super curricular evening

Fantastic evening showcasing the research skills of our Year 12 students

Our Year 12 super curricular students have been working hard throughout the year on extending their knowledge and research skill-set beyond the curriculum.

They have presented their work and findings in a series of presentations delivered earlier this year, and this evening, in a culmination of their efforts, they embraced the opportunity to showcase their work to visiting parents and carers, staff and peers.

The fields and subject areas comprise an impressively broad spectrum, taking in aerospace engineering:

Cyber security and computer science:

Sociology, psychology, conspiracy theories, and the complex ramifications of social media:

But also, and not confined to: the role of the Bank of England, economics and business, astronomy in different cultures, language study hypotheses, the French Revolution, dentistry, philosophy, medicine, telemedicine, genetic engineering, and OCD.

The enthusiasm demonstrated by our Year 12s for their fields of research was as palpable as it was inspirational, and it was a joyous and intellectually enriching evening for all involved, and for our many visitors.

Year 12 will be proud to display their work in the Sixth Form Hub for the remainder of term, and we are sure that many more in the UGS community will take the opportunity to appreciate their work.

With huge thanks to our amazing super curricular cohort, and to Head of Year Mr Neale and Head of Sixth Form Miss Lingwood for facilitating this special event.