investigating science all around UGS

Year 7 Science Club go on a Scavenger Hunt!

As any good scientist knows, science is not just confined to the labs, and today our Year 7 lunchtime Science Club once more put this into practice.

After exploring our nature garden to that end just a few weeks ago, today they were tasked with a fun scavenger hunt to investigate and discover science in every nook and cranny of our site: inside, outside, corridors, classrooms, canteen, and all!

Armed with their camera phones to capture evidence of their findings, the challenge was to find examples of irreversible change, as Theo can be seen undertaking in the picture below:

In addition to something that floats and/or sinks in water, as Yasasvi and Christianna were tracking around our pond:

And five different sources of light, as Zoya and Kirishika discovered in an upper classroom:

Other examples proactively discovered around school and captured by our Year 7 scientists include: 

Examples of water: solid, liquid or gas

Three different types of rock used to make buildings

A mammal interacting with its environment (several staff captured in action!)

An animal in the adult stages of its life cycle

Food that contains calcium (cue a visit to the canteen!)

A machine using a motor

Three materials that are magnetic

A metal that isn't magnetic

Mrs Walsh could not be more proud of the energy and enthusiasm demonstrated by Year 7 for today's challenge, and was delighted to enjoy the photographic findings that they showcased. Well done all!

Next week sees the last meeting for this year, when our dedicated team are excited to not only support Mrs Walsh in planning next year's programme of events for Science Club for our new Year 7 cohort, but to also prepare to step into their roles as Year 8 ambassadors for this fantastic scientific extracurricular opportunity.

With huge thanks to Mrs Walsh for organising another enriching session for our keen KS3 scientists!