year 12 geography field trip to north wales

A day of investigation and exploration for our Year 12 Geographers in scenic Cwm Idwal

While our Year 10 GCSE geographers recently enjoyed a rewarding field trip to Gwynedd, today it was the turn of our Year 12 cohort to conduct a day of Physical Geography investigation and research.

They are pictured above, and in the photographs that follow, engaging in a day's study of landscape systems in the stunning environs of Cwm Idwal, North Wales.

The programme for the day incorporated a tour of the glacial landforms and features, and measurements of moraine deposits.

In the module Landscape Systems - Glaciated landscapes: Physical Systems, our students are introduced to the integrated study of earth surface processes, landforms and resultant landscapes within the conceptual framework of a systems approach, and the exploration conducted on field trips is crucial to developing an understanding of these processes.

Case studies are key to the course, and enrich our students' knowledge and understanding of these processes.

The topic must include case studies of at least one landscape from the UK, and of at least two from beyond the UK; and Year 12 have already had the opportunity to explore the physical systems of Iceland, as we were delighted to share at Easter.

Other landscapes studied include NE USA & Canada, Alaska, and Switzerland.

It is clear that the day has not only successfully further empowered the knowledge, curiosity, and skill-set of our A Level geographers, but has been thoroughly enjoyed by all.

With huge thanks to all in the Geography department for supporting our students on this trip, and to Mr Neale for the photography!