Turing-inspired challenges in ks3 maths

KS3 Maths activities inspired by master code-breaker Turing

This week our Maths department arranged for Year 7 and Year 8 to engage in the first day of numerically challenging activity sessions inspired by Alan Turing and all that he achieved in mathematical code-breaking, logic, analysis, electronics, and computer science.

As Mr Prastka explains, the department has hired the Turing Tumbles - basic computer programming devices - for use by the students for the next two weeks, in order to "enrich their learning, practise problem-solving, and have some fun! And for Year 8, as a reward for working so hard on their end of year exams".

7R, just one of the groups to participate are pictured above and below in action.

The Turing Tumble engages students in the process of building mechanical computers, so that they can see and feel how they work, create patterns, and develop logistical processes towards problem and puzzle-solving.

As you can see, our students enthusiastically engaged, and thoroughly enjoyed all the challenges that the sessions presented. 

And in a Year 8 session, Mrs Wall was delighted to drop in and enjoy seeing our students engage in practical Maths in action!

It is demonstrably clear that these sessions inspire our students with a passion for the subject, and that they contribute to an invaluable extension of their mathematical understanding, curiosity, and wider learning.

With huge thanks to our Maths department for organising this enriching programme of events.