sad goodbye to some amazing student librarians

Great contributors to UGS Library life and the whole school community

As Year 11 sadly leave us today, in our lead picture is Thomas 11T, just one of the 6 amazing student librarians who have either departed for the start of the exam season, or who will be taking a break from UGS Library volunteering in order to focus on essential revision and preparation for the forthcoming exams.

Thomas, and David 11T, have assisted in the Library for a number of years, not only supporting the running of our Reading Room during break and lunch, but acting as fantastic literacy ambassadors; and as truly awesome Book Fair volunteers, with a sales acumen that would put most of the candidates on The Apprentice to shame!

Thomas and David are also talented - and award-winning - wordsmiths, who have produced a high standard of regular written contributions for the school website and for Perspectives magazine.

Year 13 students Grace, Megan, Sophie and Mia also left us a few weeks ago as they began their A Level exams, and as they look forward to the next stage of their academic journeys; like Thomas and David, they began volunteering in the Library during KS3, and were fantastically enthusiastic Book Fair operators. In Sixth Form, they have been brilliant student librarians, supporting our younger students with use of the Reading Room during the lunchbreak, and with the ever popular Year 7 Books & Biscuits Reading Club.

All the students have been fabulous ambassadors not only for the Library and for Literacy, but for UGS as a whole, and we could not be more grateful or more proud of their contribution to the whole school, of the leadership skills that they demonstrated, and of the sense of school community that they upheld.

We wish them the very best of luck in their forthcoming exams, they will be greatly missed.