Beautiful Killers

Jess's Carnivorous Plants

This harmless looking potted plant is, in fact, a killer and consumer of live creatures.  The species - nepenthes lowii - is (Year 11 student) Jess's favourite from her collection of carnivorous flora.

Jess became interested in carnivorous plants after her attention was caught by an article in The Guardian.  Her enthusiasm and collection have grown considerably since then.

A number of dead spiders seem to accumulate at Jess's house, and she happily collects these and feeds them to her hungry meat-eaters.  However, they do not necessarily need a helping hand from Jess.  In the summer months, Jess will leave her plants outside where they take captive a host of insects, such as flies and ants, upon which to nourish themselves.

Jess has been collecting and caring for carnivorous plants since she was nine years old.  She admits that it can be "time-consuming" as she has to ensure the right conditions for plants to thrive - humidity and lighting levels for instance and, of course, "the correct feeding."