maths mystery champions!

And the launch of new challenges for Easter!

We're delighted to share news from our Maths department that the results of this month's Pi-themed KS3 Maths Mystery Challenge are in, and that the winners and the students who completed the most mathematical conundrums are as follows, with two - Sebastian and Leonidas - pictured today in front of the hallowed Maths Mystery Wall of Fame:

Arlo M 8M

Yuvan R 7M

Kirishika M 7U

Daniel C 8U

Kiara L 7U

Faiyed A 8M

Austin S 7M

Jedrek Q 8T

Asfer J 7R

Leonidas C 7T

Sebastian L 7T

Really well done all!

And it is now time for the launch of the new challenge, and another opportunity for our KS3 students to flex their arithmetical and problem-solving skills.

As ever, the mysteries are seasonally-themed, and as you might expect, this time it's over to Easter for inspiration:

The Maths department is inviting students to use the Easter break to get a head-start, and they are looking forward to lots of entries from our talented Mathematicians.

Watch this space for updates!

With thanks to the Maths department for sharing this great news!