our final house achievers of this half-term

Celebrating achievement & Reading Champions as we finish for the break

We have enjoyed our final House Assembly for this Half Term, celebrating all the amazing house events and competitions that have taken place since the start of the New Year, all the great things achieved by our students for which they have been commended with house-points, and all that is planned for after the break.

As we finished for Christmas, Bradfield was leading, as you will see, and we'll recap again at the end of next term, with everything still left to play for! 

For the final week of this Half Term. there has been, as ever, lots of great work taking place, and student achievements worthy of commendation.

Firstly, in our lead picture are this Half-Term's Reading Champions: Rico 7M, David 7R and Natalia 7T, who have read the highest number of library titles since the New Year. Also, but not pictured, a huge shout out to Hamdan 8R, who is our ebook champion, having borrowed and read a phenomenal amount from our fanastic ebook platform. Well done all!

Last, but not least, it's our final weekly check in for this Half Term of the students who have been awarded the highest number of house-points over the last 7 days for their academic achievements, commitment to learning, effort, community spirit, and extracurricular participation.

We include some examples of the achievements for which they have been commended.

Really well done all, and we look forward to celebrating lots of new achievements after the break!

Name Form House Example of Achievement
Asfer 7R Orme Food Prep & Nutrition: completion of multiple extension tasks
Kobe 8U Bradfield

Maths: excellent work

French: top quizzer

Adora 8R Mersey Maths: great work
Isadora 8M Orme Geography & German: great effort
Krithi 9U Orme

French: great work

Geography: community commendation

Analina 9R Mersey

Art: excellent effort in homework

English: community commendation

Kanaan 9R Orme

Maths: great effort

French: great work

Yusuf 9R Park

Biology: excellent achievement  in homework

French: great work

Caleb 10U Oak

Maths: 90% or above on end of unit test

French: great work

Owen 10S Bradfield

Food Prep & Nutrition: excellent end-of-unit test result

English: great effort

Finton 10T Mersey French: great work
Thomas 11U Mersey French: great work
Jack 11M Bradfield Food Prep & Nutrition: excellent progress with NEA2
Caitlin 11M Orme French: vocabulary quizlet triumph