our students join launch of trafford schools' anti-racism alliance

Fantastic TARA launch meeting at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys today

A cohort of our students from years 7-12 were today proud to volunteer to participate in the launch meeting of the Trafford School's Anti-Racism Alliance (TARA).

Hosted at Altrincham Boy's Grammar, our students Y9 Niniola, Y12 Alexa, Y7 Asfer, Y12 Jasmine, Y12 Rose, Y9 Siya, Y9 Diane, and Y12 Aiman met with students and staff not only from AGSB, but from Altrincham College of Arts and St Ambrose, to work on a project vision for TARA, and to strategise how to implement initiatives and awareness raising to:

Create a fair and inclusive environment for every student in Trafford

Combine force to share ideas and schemes

Empower our schools to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice in both schools and communities

Create an equal environment where students are free to express and celebrate individuality.

Working in mixed groups, students and staff energetically shared work and projects that had already been undertaken in their individual schools, and ideas for how we could move forward. 

Many great ideas were mooted and strategised, and all involved expressed themselves confidently and articulately, and did us proud with their level of engagement and passion for the project.

We all agreed that our fantastic students from across the school communities are the best ambassadors for the project and an inspired and inspirational driving force, and we can't wait to share updates on TARA's next steps.

With huge thanks to Altrincham Grammar School for Boys for welcoming us today, and to all who took part.