probing energy past, present & future: our latest community lecture

Fantastic super-curricular lecture delivered yesterday evening at UGS

In the latest instalment of our series of super-curricular community lectures, designed to provide an opportunity for students, particularly those in the 6th form, to experience university-level teaching from a subject-specialist in the field, we returned once more to the scientific arena.

This time, it was courtesy of our very own Miss Lowe, who delivered an informative, insightful and inspirational lecture on: Energy: Past, Present & Future From the Big Bang to the Industrial Revolution, through the Manhattan Project to the current climate crisis, and looking forwards into the mysteries of dark energy. What is the future of energy?

As Miss Lowe explained in her introduction: "Energy has shaped the past of both the Earth and the Universe on unimaginable scales. It has changed how we live and is the cause and potential solution of the current climate crisis.

It is not an overstatement to say that energy - quite literally - has the potential to save or destroy the human race, and will shape the fate of the Universe itself".

The lecture spanned centuries of time and space in examining these themes, and thought-provokingly and entertainingly explored the unexpected ways that energy has moulded the world around us, leaving us all with much to contemplate about the future of its supply and demand.

With huge thanks to Miss Lowe and to all who supported the event.

And we are looking forward to hosting our next lecture in the programme, on 28th February, that will be delivered by Barry Peden and on `Modernism and the exclusion of the masses`. Hope to see you there!