new extracurricular opportunity

Year 10 Aizah reports on ISOC, a new society for students at UGS

A new extra-curricular society has started at UGS: ISOC, and it was good  to see so many students at the launch event. Everyone was welcome to come to listen to the students who organised and set up ISOC, and who have volunteered to lead it. They talked about ISOC, about Islam, and about what activities, events and charity fund-raisers they hope to plan for the students here.

The student organisers encouraged everyone to apply for a role in the Society, and let everyone at the event know that by taking part it is a good opportunity to learn leadership and teamwork skills, and to get involved in initiatives like raising money for charities, such as relief for the victims of the earthquake in Morocco.

Year 11,12 and 13 have the chance to take on a leading role in ISOC, and all students have the opportunity to be a representative for their year group.

At the launch they also organised activities and all there were able to enjoy some refreshments.

In the future they are hoping to get together to share ideas about how they can plan lots of charity events, and to celebrate World Hijab Day.

Report by Aizah 10U