Ready for launch: year 8 scientists design rockets in faraday challenge

Year 8 Science students compete in IET Faraday Challenge.

The Faraday Challenge is an annual competition of STEM activity days with a real-world challenge for Year 8 students facilitated by the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology).

Led by our Physics department, UGS is proud to take part every year, and it is a vital day of learning designed to further key STEM skills, and to help students to develop their problem solving, team- working and communication skills.

This year, 40 of our Year 8 students formed 8 teams to work on a prototype rocket, that is transported from hanger to launch site on a programmable robot.

The students then took their prototypes to our Front Field to initiate launch!

And congratulations to the students in the winning team: Siya, Analina, Princess, Chiara and Diane, whose amazing rocket travelled the furthest, and they successfully programmed the robot transporter to the exact spot!

Overall a great day of participation. inspirational engaged learning and STEM enterprise for all involved!