OUR FIRST year by yEAR 7

"I really do learn something new every day": Year 7 on their first year at UGS

As another busy UGS year draws to a close, and we look forward to welcoming our new intake of students in September, some of our current Year 7s reflect on and celebrate their first year!

Hafizah 7U

The one thing I still remember about the start of Year 7 is the Lakeside trip, it honestly helped me to connect with others in my form and beyond. It was also really fun taking part in the activities with my friends. It was definitely a great start to the year and it was very welcoming.

I love the fact that I have learnt so much here, Science week was a significant example of this, and I really enjoyed all the activities that were arranged for us.

I really do learn something new everyday at this school. All the people here are really friendly and I think this adds to the welcoming atmosphere that this school has.

Kobe 7U

I remember entering the school on Induction Day and I felt really nervous because I knew no-one in my form, but at the same I was really excited to meet new people.  The Lakeside trip was an excellent way to connect with people, and I made friendships along the way! I loved the teamwork exercises and I loved walking in nature as well.

I have been involved in quite a few extra-curricular clubs in the year including Spanish club, Choir, Books & Biscuits, and Science Club. All of these showed that I could participate in all sorts of things at school!

At lunch and other times, I use the LRC a lot to do home-work, it is good because it is so tranquil and peaceful! It also means that if a lot of my work is done then I get more time at home to do other things! And I cannot forget the Reading Room, where I can pick up a book and relax! I quite enjoy using the Cloisters and field as well at lunch as I can chill with my friends and chat.

My favourite competitions in school have been the Roald Dahl Day book quiz, the Golden Ticket search and the Halloween Books Quiz, because I could partner up and we had so much fun! My team also won the Golden Ticket Search against lots of other teams, and I came third in the Roald Dahl quiz!

My favourite lessons from the very start have been Computer Science because I really enjoy the coding, French because I've found that I'm good at it, and Music because I have 5 years of piano experience and am good at it and I enjoy the lessons.

I look forward to trying more sporty extra-curricular clubs, and hope to do have done well in my end-of year exams. It's nerve-wracking but I am confident!

Faiyed 7M, Anna 7M, Anya 7M, Alishba 7T & Jemima 7T (pictured L-R)

Faiyed: I really enjoyed our trip to Lakeside as I made friends with lots of new people. What I like best about UGS are the extra-curricular clubs and all the things that you can do at lunchtime. I also really like the Library's selection of different genres of books, including all the Manga and Graphic titles. I really got into the Maximum Ride series, and they are now my favourite books. 

Anna: the highlights of my year have been being able to use spaces like the LRC for work, and the Reading Room at break and lunchtime, and getting to go to lots of clubs like Cricket, Band and Choir. I really enjoy the House events competing against other houses. And I loved the Lakeside trip.

Anya: I loved the Lakeside residential trip at the start of the year, especially kayaking, obstacle course building and the blind trail. I really enjoy sports here at school especially Girl's football and playing against other schools, and also the House events and Junior Choir.

Alishba: Year 7 has been really fun and I've made lots of friends. Some of the things I've enjoyed the most are:

The Lakeside trip - lots of fun activities and a good way to meet new people

The bake sales in school are amazing!

The Chester Zoo trip

The school productions are amazing!! I took part in one and it was so much fun, and a good way to make friends from other forms and in other years.

There are amazing clubs and my favourites are Forensic Science, Dance, Drama and Badminton. I also love the Fitness Suite!

Jemima: the Lakeside trip was so much fun and I made so many new friends! I love the Fitness Suite, the Tennis courts, and Art Club. And I really enjoy hanging out on the field at lunchtime underneath the blossom tree. And I like all the teachers!

Thank you Year 7 for sharing your highlights and memories, we can't wait to see you again in September as Year 8, and we are sure that our new Year 7s will enjoy their time here just as much!