year 7 scientists research at the zoo

Year 7 on scorchingly productive trip to Chester Zoo!

On Wednesday Year 7 were taken on an investigative Science trip to Chester Zoo to engage in research activities on a variety of species, particularly those that are endangered, such as the Orang-utan, Jaguar, the Sulawesi Crested Macaque, and the critically endangered Black Rhinoceros.

Year 7 were commissioned with finding out as many facts as possible about the animals, their natural habitats, and the factors threatening their environment and survival, as well as the work carried out by Chester Zoologists on the effective management of populations of species both in situ (in the wild) and ex situ (in zoos and breeding centres) through research, conservation breeding, welfare and monitoring.

The students clearly enjoyed this stimulating day and will be writing up their reports and producing factual posters on their findings.

Huge thanks to all the staff who supported them and after a long day and two coach journeys in peak high sunshine there were no doubt many who could empathise with this lioness!