Sisters Jenny and Melanie have been selected to play for Lancashire County Cricket Club.  LCC sent a letter to Urmston Grammar explaining the magnitude of the sisters' achievement.  It means that they are "in the best 15 in their age group across the whole county."  Melanie, in Year 8, has been selected to play for the Under 13s squad whilst Jenny, in Year 10, has been selected for the Under 15s squad.

Jenny explained that trials took place over the Easter holidays.  These trials involved some general fitness exercises, fielding drills and then an hour in the cricket nets, each of the girls on trial being given a chance to show off their batting prowess.   Those selected received news of their success by email a few weeks later.  

Both girls have been involved in the Lancashire set up for a few years, but selection takes place on annual basis.  Jenny claims that: "This year the trials were particularly competitive."  She goes on to say: "I felt very happy when I was selected, as I had worked hard on my game for the past year and was glad it had paid off."  Melanie is also proud of her achievement.  Her skills were tested against 60 others who had turned up for trials, so she was "incredibly pleased" to have been selected and to have the opportunity to "play against and train with some amazing cricketers!"  

Weather permitting, Jenny was looking forward to playing her first game with Lancashire this week.  Melanie will have to wait until July for her first game with Lancashire, but is enjoying playing for the local Urmston team in the meantime.