half-term draws to a close with house celebration!

Recognising this Half-Term's House Champions

After another very busy and productive half-term, it was great to close with a celebration of all the House events and achievements that have taken place.

Pictured are the House Reading Champions for this Half-Term: Thomas, Fenner, Musa, Evie and Mabel, who read the highest number of books from our Library. Well Done all, and to Musa for also winning the House Spring into Reading Challenge!

House Puzzle Week was another opportunity for students to participate in challenges in order to win points. Students (and staff) from across the year groups and houses competed to complete challenging numerical and word puzzles, and congratulations particularly to Zach, Geo, Katie and Ethan, who solved the highest number of puzzles thus earning bonus points for themselves and their respective houses!

Please also see earlier articles for news about the winners of the House New Era writing competition and the Inter-House Chess Tournament.

These are just some of the top House achievers this Half-Term:

Bradfield House

Grace 8S, Jan 10T, Mia 9M, Edward 7S, Faiyed 7M, Jack 9U, Evie 8S, Adam 10U, Clara 8R & Idera 8T, who were awarded the highest amounts of points for great levels of participation, helping staff, focused hard work and thinking, and active reading.

Mersey House

Tuguldur 7S, Annabel 8T, Neha 9T, Shahmeer 10T, Betty 11T & Will P 12T: for excellent presenting work, outstanding baking in Food Technology, high standards of homework, exemplary conduct and application, high levels of participation in Revision sessions, and superb presentations in French! 

Oak House

Year 7: Chris, Goree & Sadie; Year 8: Zunairah, Riley & Martha

Year 9: Isabella, Daniela & Zain; Year 10: David, James & Diego

Year 11: Ghelila, Nabeel & Katie; Year 12: Ashton, Callan & Haina

Year 13: Thomas, Lucy & Ciara

Orme House

Caitlin 10M, Shanese 8R, Ethan 8S, Charles 7M, Ibukun 7M, Yusif, Yamikani 10M, Sam 8R, Abi 12T, Finn 12S, Jamie 12R & Mali 12U: for super work, high levels of participation, outstanding research, effort and hard work.


Park House

Year 7: Maja, Fenner & Hafizah; Year 8: Eloise, Amber & James; Year 9:

Thomas, Toby & Evangeline; Year 10: Millie, Aminah, Betsy & Omar;

Year 11: Jessie, Angela & Sylvie; Year 12: Laurel, Maria, Alexa & Harriet

Year 13: Marnie, Isobel, Fliss & Fearn

Well Done All! And after the break we look forward to more opportunities to participate in House Challenges and events, including the E-Reading Challenge, Sports Day, and supporting NSPCC Childhood Day.

Finally, today we sadly said goodbye to our Year 11s ahead of their GCSE exams. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to seeing the very many who will be returning to join our Sixth Form in September!