Enrolment Day 2020

Our Sixth Form Enrolment Day will take place on Thursday 20th August 2020, the same day that GCSE results are released. Though lockdown restrictions are currently being lifted, the situation regarding Covid-19 is still very changeable with the possibility of localised lockdowns in the future. As such the decision has been made to operate a Remote Enrolment Day this year.

The enrolment process will use the same online platform which all Year 11 students used initially to submit their application for the sixth form. Instructions students should follow on Enrolment Day are as follows:

  1. Enrolment will open from 10am for Urmston Grammar Students, and from 11am for Newcomers.
  2. Students who have applied to Urmston Grammar Sixth Form already should log back into their online application using the following link: https://urmstongrammar.applicaa.com. This link will also be available on the front page of our school website on the day.
  3. Once logged in, students should click on the enrolment form, confirm the details in their application, fill in their GCSE results and confirm their A level subject choices.
  4. At this stage students will either receive an email later in the day confirming they have enrolled successfully, or receive a phone call from a member of the Sixth Form team to discuss their enrolment in more detail, prior to confirming a place.

A video giving a much more detailed explanation of the steps to take on Enrolment Day can be found on the ‘Year 12 Online Induction Programme’ page of our website via the link here: https://www.urmstongrammar.org.uk/year-12-transition/. Students looking to enrol with us on 20th August 20th are recommended to familiarise themselves with the process prior to GCSE results day.

Enrolment day 2021 is provisionally scheduled to take place on Thursday 12th August

this is the newly re-scheduled GCSE Results Day

More information regarding our enrolment arrangements will be displayed here in due course.