We stand with you

Below is a poem that Year 7 student, Susan Anjorin, wrote and then read in assembly this Thursday morning.  It is a sensitive yet defiant response to the tragic bombing that took place in central Manchester on Monday evening:

On an early Tuesday morning

A regretful day arrives

As we wake up from our slumber

And find that many have lost their lives


Several cry out in sorrow

As some will not wake up tomorrow

And see the sun blazing bright

But we have not yet lost the fight

We Mancunians will stay strong

Because together is where we belong


You may think you have won,

That this is it and we are done

But we’re here with one another,

Supporting each other

And we will fight back

After this horrific attack


We may have different languages, religions and jobs

But we stand together, we are never alone

And in upsetting times like these,

We fight for justice for this city we call home


To the friends and family of the ones who are gone,

We can all help out and come together as one

To the ones that have left this world too soon,

We will remember you.


Never forget – 22 May 2017


By Susan Anjorin 7R

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