Voyage à Paris 2018

On Monday morning (the first day of our trip), we had to board a coach very early in the morning (5.00 a.m. to be precise). We travelled for 8 hours before arriving, ready to take the ferry, at Dover.

On the ferry, we had an hour and a half to roam around and eat lunch with our friends. Once we had arrived at Calais, we still had another four hours on the coach with another stop in between. For most of the drive through France, all we could see out of the windows, for mile after mile, were rows and rows of fields. When we finally got to the hotel, we had a bit of time to unpack before we went down for tea. After that, Mr Gough gave us a mini tour of the area, and then it was bedtime.

On Tuesday morning, it was planned that we should visit a museum, but when we arrived, we found out that the museum was closed owing to a strike, and there was a protest going on outside! Next, we went to visit the Eiffel Tower. It was magnifique! And after that, a short walk took us to the River Seine and, by the banks of the Seine, we rested, taking a 45 minute break for lunch. There were lots of places to buy food and drink and they had a large variety, but – bien sûr – we had to order in French! Once we’d finished lunch, we took a river cruise, sailing beneath many bridges and passing innumerable historical sights; and we even spotted the Eiffel Tower – again!  In the second part of the afternoon, we went up the Montparnasse Tower, from the top of which we could see nearly the whole of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower!

Dressing Room, Stade de France

On Wednesday morning, we travelled to the Stade de France to have a tour of the whole stadium. It was huge! We were shown the main changing rooms of the players. They were lined with rows of wooden benches and had luxury hot tubs and many showers. We also got to see the football pitch and take photos in the tunnel.  After the stadium tour, we went to a beautiful park which had a playground and a good bit of land to play football on.  We then had lunch at a place called “Flunch”, and there were so many options to choose from!  Encore une fois, we had to order our food in French, which most of us succeeded in.  After we’d filled our stomachs, we went to Montmartre, where we climbed a huge number of steps to get to the top of the hill. We were delighted to find that the intense exercise of climbing all those stairs was worth the view.  At the top was the beautiful Sacré Coeur cathedral. We then had free time for shopping on the narrow alleys of Montmartre.  After having spent most (if not all) of our money, we went back to the hotel.

Parc Asterix

On Thursday, we went to Parc Astérix as a final trip to end our amazing week. Parc Astérix is a large theme park, supposedly twice the size of Disneyland Paris! We spent six hours in total there and went on a host of thrilling rides, from the Log Flume to the Eye of Osiris! We even put our French knowledge to good use when asking where rides were or ordering lunch – “je voudrais un sandwich s’il vous plaît”!  We went on many rollercoasters – one (le Goudrix) did seven loops in 45 seconds! Our favourite ride was Zeus. We sat at the front of the ride, not realising a vertical drop was coming our way!  We all had so much fun and it was a brilliant way to end the week.

Friday: we had to travel back home, unfortunately. We enjoyed our free time on the ferry but the motorway traffic was horrific, and we did not arrive home until the early hours of Saturday morning!  Overall, we had a ‘formidable’ trip, but we were grateful to have the weekend to rest after a long day of travelling!


Report by: Felicity Allen, Eleni Vourliotis and Charlotte Walker

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