Urmston Grammar Induction Process September 2018

At Urmston Grammar, we understand that the transition from primary to secondary school is one of the most important stages in a child’s education. We work closely with our feeder primary schools to ensure that suitable arrangements are in place to support our new pupils as they make this significant step into our Urmston Grammar community. Our Year 7 curriculum and the pastoral support programme supports each individual pupil to make the best possible start to their secondary education.

A Summary

  1. As soon as we have received the list of pupils who have accepted a place at Urmston Grammar, communication between ourselves and our future pupils and their parents begins.
  2. Each year there are in excess of 55 primary schools feeding into UGS. This often results in a significant number of primary schools sending less than 3 pupils. All our feeder schools are visited by a member of the Urmston Grammar Induction Team, and a meeting with the pupil(s) and their Year 6 teacher takes place.
  3. A ‘Starting at UGS’ booklet is issued to each new pupil during this primary school meeting. This provides valuable information and starts to give an insight into how things will work for the pupil during the first few weeks at our school and hopefully, starts to answer some of the questions they are likely to be asking as they being their transition journey.
  4. Any Special Educational Need & Disability information relating to the incoming pupils is collated. This information is submitted by the parent(s) and/or the primary school. Our SEND department then reads through the information and when necessary, will arrange a meeting ahead of the start of term in September.
  5.  From about May, weekly sporting opportunities are offered to the incoming girls and boys so that they can start to get to know and build relationships with other likeminded pupils who are coming from other schools. These are hugely popular with our new pupils and we would certainly encourage them to participate and get involved as early as possible.
  6. We host an Induction Evening in June for parents and pupils to provide a wealth of information about our school and its procedures. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to meet with our Principal, Mrs Wall, our Year 7 Pastoral Leader, Mrs E Walker, and the form tutor allocated to your child. Information will also be available for the forthcoming two night/three day residential trip that operates every year in the Lake District. The purpose of the trip is to promote team building skills and to support our new pupils as they make new friendships within their form and wider year group.
  7. As soon as all the primary school visits have been conducted, we use every piece of information we have collected, (including friendship groups, ability, gender, strengths and weaknesses) to create five balanced form groups. These forms are not created according to ability. Each pupil then receives a letter giving them information about which form they will be in and with whom.
  8. In July, we hold a Visiting Day for our incoming pupils to experience ‘taster’ lessons in both familiar and new curriculum areas.. These lessons are delivered to the pupils in their form groupings. One of the sessions on this day is an introduction to IT safety – something that is revisited once they become part of our school community.
  9. During the Visiting Day the pupils are also introduced to our website on which they will find a series of academic transition tasks from each curriculum area. Completed tasks are brought into school in September and handed into the form tutor. We are always hugely impressed by the effort and hard work demonstrated by our new pupils over the summer holiday!
  10. On the first day in September, Year 7s (and the Year 12s) come into school at the normal time, whereas other year groups come in one hour later. This ensures that our new Year 7 pupils do not feel overwhelmed by seeing almost a thousand new and unfamiliar faces.
  11. Year 7s are also able to go into lunch early for the first week of the new term to help them as they get to know our canteen systems and our lunchtime duty team. We are also aware that they will have worked up a large appetite following the nerves and excitement of joining their new school!
  12. There will be a further opportunity to meet with key staff including Mr Weems and Mrs Walker, at the Parents’ Information Evening in the October half term.
  13. Parents are encouraged to make contact with the school at any time should they feel they have any queries or concerns

Welcome to year 7

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