Triple Retirement

C. Williams, T. Vickers and S. Cox

On a July evening of fresh summer sunshine, Urmston Grammar colleagues bade a fond farewell to a retiring teaching trio of over sixty years collective service. Their legacy to Urmston will no doubt leave a mark long as the blessed shadows cast by the sun that was setting over Davyhulme Golf Course, venue for the evening’s end-of-term celebrations.

Headteacher Riffat Wall paid tribute to Head of Music, Carole Williams, for taking music in the school to a new level. Music, said Mrs Wall, gives a school its soul, and the school’s soul was all the richer for the music Carole had brought. A skilled trombonist, Carole was presented with a new set of trombone mutes to replace her current ones which, Carole claimed, were around 50 years old!

Tessa Vickers, also retiring, has been teaching Art at Urmston since September 1996. Mrs Wall commended Tessa for her dedication. Having effectively retired last July, Tessa has continued to come into the school over the last academic year, so that she could continue work with her GCSE group and not leave them mid-course as she would have had to otherwise.

And Sarah Cox has been part of the school’s Modern Languages department since January 1997. Resident in Lancaster, Sarah finds that her neighbours are staggered that she has continued to make the hundred-mile round trip day after day for over 20 years. But Sarah says that’s because her neighbours don’t know Urmston Grammar. She so appreciates her students and colleagues that she has never once considered leaving Urmston for the sake of travelling to a more conveniently-located place of work.

Testimony, indeed, to Sarah, and to Urmston Grammar!

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