The Rise of the Internet: what’s actually happening?

What is happening? These days, information is stored on the internet, and the old days of reading a book is over. The internet stores a lot of entertainment for our younger generation, and it is the main resource children use when bored. The term “vlogger” means a video blogger, and they document blogs through making videos and broadcasting them across an application and website called YouTube. We asked the children and staff of Urmston Grammar School what they thought on the matter.

Miss Blane, a member of English and Drama staff at the school, said that she knows some internet stars, and she listed, HanRenee (a beauty “vlogger”), Zoella (another beauty “vlogger”), Charlotte Tylbery (yet, another beauty ”vlogger”) and Billy McGrath (a pupil at the school and a “Grime Music” artist.) She also said that children should aspire to be whatever they want to, as long as it won’t break the law. She finally stated: “They don’t deserve all the money they get, but they are unlucky if they aren’t beautiful, because even if they are funny, they won’t get anywhere because they aren’t pretty.”

We then asked a Year Seven pupil, Charlotte Walker, what she thought, and there wasn’t much contrast. When asked if she knew any internet stars, she listed many, including: Zoella, PointlessBlog, ThatcherJoe and DanTDM, just to name a few. She also said that she doesn’t think the stars deserve all the money they earn, but they do deserve some because they still put thought into what they do. She also stated: “Some applications and websites should have age restrictions, and there should be more learning website promotions.” She finally claimed that children can idolise some YouTube stars, as long as they are suitable. If an internet star writes a book, then that is a good person to idolise.

The internet is a scary place, but is it a force for good? This is a debate many people have raised, because of the bad effects of the internet, children are left resorting to self-harm and even suicide to relieve the stress from cyber-bullying, and release of unsuitable photographs. This happened to a young girl named Amanda Todd, and a picture of her was released to the public, and she ended up killing herself. She was only a young girl, and she was forced to kill herself to stop cyber-bullying. But, the internet can be a good place: of entertainment and learning, and hilarious videos of cats dancing. So, is the internet a force for good?


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