Student’s Blog 14/11/16

Well, what a week it has been. The biggest news story this week was, that after one and a half years, millions of dollars and headline-grabbing scandals hitting both campaigns, Donald Trump, the Republican candidate whose use of spray tan rivals that of Strictly Come Dancing and whose headline-grabbing stories included a wall, women and a whole lot of racism, has become the 45th President of the United States.

Trump will not officially be sworn into the Presidency until January which gives America two months to recover from a hangover and immediately regret all actions caused during the election.

Hilary Clinton, the Democratic rival to Trump for the Presidency, was among those who, in my opinion, were trying to stop themselves from bursting into laughter whilst simultaneously crying and wanting to move to Canada. Clinton, it has to be said, has had her fair share of criticism about the opening, closing, re-opening and subsequent re-closing of an FBI investigation targeted at her for using a private email server whilst she was Secretary of State which was hacked. Add to that fact, being the wife of a Former President accused of ‘misconduct’ in the White House and you have the two most hated presidential candidates in history.

Briton’s Nigel Farage was among the first to congratulate the “big, silverback gorilla” known in America as Donald Trump.

So in a nutshell, Canada is now the most favoured country (its immigration website crashed after the results of the election), America is the most hated and 2016 is the year of disappointments.

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