Student Blog – April 2018

In the last couple of weeks something extremely unexpected happened, one of the greatest minds of our universe has died; this is a man who helped us to understand our creation, amazed us and helped our knowledge grow.

He has been wasting away, very slowly, but managed to exceed his average  life expectancy by over fifty years. When on the night of the 13th of March, Stephen Hawking died, we suffered a severe loss of intelligence. There may be some things about the universe that we will now never know.


Commonwealth Games 2018

This year’s commonwealth games were held in the Gold Coast with the mascot being the adorable koala Borobi. Borobi is sweeping the city and has become a much loved character. The plush Borobi toys sold out  very quickly and people were selling the toys on eBay over 100 Australian Dollars and badges going for $15. I have recently been to the Gold Coast and was lucky enough to get the merchandise for the RRP.

The medal table ended with Australia in 1st place with 80 gold medals,58 silver and 59 bronze medals. England was in 2nd with 45 gold medals, 45 silver medals and 46 bronze. India is in 3rd place with 26 gold medals, 20 silver medals and 20 bronze. There is quite a drastic difference in medals for the countries. With only two more days to go I’m pretty sure the hosts have the games in the bag. Going home, well they’re actually staying where they are, with the most medals gained.


Since the start of the commonwealth games there have been many immigration problems in Australia. With over 40 people claiming they have a right to stay in the country. A group of visa applications were submitted by a range of athletes and journalists but a significant amount coming from the African citizens. Their visas were to expire in may and since the they were denied, many disappearances have been over the news. A week ago three people were filed as missing from the athletes village. Furthermore, eight competitors from Cameroon went missing over the course of the games. Over all of the commonwealth games held in Australia, a total of 116 people went missing during them. But with all the missing people, Australia are not being soft. They said that the same laws apply to the athletes looking to get a visa. They were warned by Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to follow the country’s laws when visiting for the games.


Overall it seems we had a successful and much enjoyed event. Well done team England!


By Grace Poulianakis


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