Student Blog 14/12/16

‘Tis the final blog before the horrible year of 2016 is over and I’m going out with a bang.

News Story 1: Our former Prime Minister David Cameron has defended his decision to call a referendum on the UK’s membership in the EU in which we voted to leave the European Union.

Yes, I know the referendum happened 6 months ago but the repercussions are still being felt. With a court battle over the ‘Brexit’ still in its closing stages, it seems the whirlwind of utter stupidity can’t be escaped.

Prime Minister Theresa May is still in turmoil over the nature of ‘Brexit’ as she can’t decide if she (and her cabinet) wants it decorated in “red white and blue” or just plain black and white.


News Story 2: 1,000 Russian athletes have benefited from state-sponsored doping according to a report published which states that London 2012 was “corrupted on an unprecedented scale”.

The report also puts blame on events such as the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and other likewise events. In total, at least 30 sports have been accused of doping.

Well I would imagine most of you are aware that Russia isn’t known for its ‘transparency’ on issues that concern its state government. Events that highlight this include the Crimea Crisis, its decision to deploy air-strikes in Syria and its leader’s relationship with the soon-to-be American president. (Hooray!-more America)

Anyway, how the IOC and other related organisations react and punish the Russians will be an interesting spectactle to watch.

And on that positive note, Happy Holidays!

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