Sophie’s in Gypsy

Year 7 pupil Sophie Trueman has landed a part in The Royal Exchange’s musical production of ‘Gypsy’.

Sophie, a member of the Denton-based Stagebox Theatre Company, attended numerous auditions and even saw two plum children’s roles offered to her best friends before an email landed in her mother’s inbox to say that Sophie had, in fact, been successful at audition and would be playing the part of Newsboy.  To know that she would be playing this part alongside her two best friends made Sophie feel “very happy.”  To have been selected for a part when around 800 attended for audition is a real achievement.  “I’m really looking forward to starting rehearsal soon,” added Sophie.

And so the hard work begins.  Rehearsals for the show begin on 26th October, and Sophie will be attending these regularly after school ahead of the show which runs from 30th November – 25th January.  To avoid young people like Sophie and her friends becoming over-tired, the cast comprises of two teams, but that still means that Sophie will be performing every other night and at occasional matinees, while doing all she can to keep up with her schoolwork.

Gypsy, being a musical, involves singing and dancing as well as acting.  So, Sophie will be called upon to display her tap-dancing skills as well as speaking her lines convincingly.  Sophie has been attending Stagebox since she was 7 and having dancing lessons since was 2.  All that time and effort has clearly paid off.  Well done, Sophie!  We’re not supposed to wish you luck, so – as your fellow thespians say – ‘Break a leg!’

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