Singing for Britain

Year 8 student, Mia Crook, is a singer with nationally recognized talent, not just a member the Halle Children’s Choir, based in Manchester, but of the National Children’s Choir of Great Britain.

It’s only three years since Mia began to take classical singing lessons.  Currently, she has a Grade 3 qualification and is working towards Grade 4.  But her music teacher has seen that Mia has a special talent and recommended that she audition for the prestigious National Children’s Choir.  Needless to say, Mia auditioned successfully, and she’s now been a part of the NCC for the last two years.

The choir is split into four, the separate choirs all named after various colours.  Last year, Mia was part of the Blue Choir.  The ambitious ones in the Blue Choir audition each year to become part of the Green Choir, a step up from the Blue.  But so impressed were they with Mia at the NCC, that there was no need for her to audition; she has been ‘naturally’ promoted to the Green Choir – by recommendation, rather than by audition.

Sadly, Mia is yet to perform publicly with the NCC.  Despite attending a week’s residential with the choir in Shrewsbury last year, all geared to rehearsing for a big performance, that performance never happened for Mia as it coincided with a previously-booked family vacation.  However, Mia will be attending another residential this year and fully intends to be there when the performance goes to a live audience.

Not that Mia is short of experience when it comes to performing live at premier venues.  In addition to her work with the NCC, Mia is also a member of the Halle Children’s Choir who stage concerts three or four times a year, and that includes performing at Manchester’s magnificent Bridgewater Hall.

Able to sing soprano or alto parts, Mia declared: “I love singing.  It never feels like hard work.  It takes your mind off things and makes you feel happy.”

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