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“Here’s a novel idea: have a look at the photos of teachers’ bookshelves here or in the cloisters, then try to decide which bookshelf belongs to which teacher. It’s multiple choice so look for clues! 

Shelfie 3

Then see if you can work out who the mystery teacher is…

Shelfie 4

Work with a partner or by yourshelf, complete an answer sheet (found in the cloisters or from Miss Longden in the LRC), and put it in the answer box on the white lockers by the staffroom for a chance to win.

Shelfie 5

Here is the list of teachers involved:
Miss Lightbody                  
Mr Gough                           
Mr McPartland                  
Miss Harding 
Mr Ahern
Mrs Clowes                                
Mrs Sandys                         
Mrs Chadwick

Mystery Shelfie

Shelfie 6

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