School Letter Archive 2017-2018

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May 2018

Christmas Fair thank you letter
Year 10 GCSE Drama Files
Year 7 Science Trip to Chester Zoo
Interview Experience and Personal Statements
GCSE resit year 10
Paris 2018
Pamper Night June 2018
Extra Tuesday Support for Year 7 June Test
Blood Brothers Theatre Trip 22 May 2018
End of Year Test Year 7
Year 7 Exam Week 2018
French Revision Breakfast letter to parents
Residential value May 2018 – Information for Students Kit List (1)
Study Leave Granted
Residential value May 2018
Instructions to Year 10 Mocks 2018
GDPR letter to parents

April 2018
Leavers’ Prom 2018
Final Estimate Letter 2018
GCSE PE Revision letter to parents
INSET revision course April 2018
Junior Cricket at Urmston CC – Information sheet
Sports day 2018
Visit to the Manchester Buddhist Centre & Manchester Cathedral

March 2018
2018 Silver Parents’ evening presentation
Additional Revision Classes
Blood Brothers and Queens of the Coal Age letter
Dof E Silver Award Parents Dates and Meeting
French Speaking Exam Timetable
GCSE Business Studies Revision Guide
GCSE oral exam letter
GCSE Revision Classes 2018
GCSE Sciences Text books
German Speaking Exam Timetable
Les Mis First Letter Extra
Letter to Parents Post-18 Options Information evening
Quiz night letter 2018
Re-sit EXAM
Readathon 2 letter to parents 2018
Readathon letter to parents 2018
Results day form
South Manchester Medical Day – teachers
South Manchester Medical Day
Tennis at Urmston Lawn Tennis Club
Warning for Candidates
Year 10 Mock Exams Timetable and Instructions to Candidates
Year 10 Mock Exams
Year 11 Instructions to Candidates 2018
Year 11 Summer GCSE Examinations
Year 12 and 13 Instructions to candidates
Year 12 intervention letter
Year 8 Maths Test

February 2018
2018 Year 7 Science Fair Projects – Parent Letter
AE Absence letter to parents
Do you know what your child is doing online
Footlights Parent Letter 2018
Italy detention letter 1hr facilitator
Italy detention letter one hour
Italy detention letter x3 hours
Letter to Parents Post-18 Options Information evening
LF After School Intervention GCSE ESA Period
London Les Mis Trip
Pre-launch letter for Y9-12 Students and Parents – Ecuador Expedition 2019
Purchasing GCSE text books
Resi transport payment Feb 18
revision sessions letter
Support Staff Vacancy
Year 8 Exam Week 2018
Year 9 Ecuador 2019 presentation evening

January 2018
Alex indep study concerns letter
Battlefields Trip 2018
chess letter Bolton
Chloe indep study concerns letter
Ecuador Expedition 2019 Parents Evening Letter
Faraday Engineering Challenge
GCSE Pod 2017
GCSE Science in Year 10
hairpsray extra letter
Hairspray final letter
Harry indep study concerns letter
Into KS4
Italy further info
Italy info eve letter
Jake indep study concerns letter
James indep study concerns letter
Joe indep study concerns letter
Les Mis first letter
Lily indep study concerns letter
missing gcse text books
NRT 2018 Parent Letter (1)
parent letter Liverpool 2018
Pre-launch letter for Y10 – 12 students and parents Ecuador
Expedition 2019
Thurs support session letter 2018
Y10 RS mosque visit letter 2018
Y12 New Year newsletter and key dates to parents MTGs
Year 13 January mentoring letter – to parents
Year 7 Test 3
Year 8 Parents Evening
Year 8 Test 2
Year 9 Parents Evening
Yr 11 revision class letter 2018
yr 8 Jodrell Bank letter
Zoolab letter Feb 18

December 2017
Letter regarding REVISED payment plan for Paris 2018
Computer Science Ofqual 2017.
Robotics Exhibition
Key 103 Mission Christmas 2017
Year 12 Exams 8 – 12 January 2018
Year 9 RE visit – Sikh Gurdwara_2017_18
Festival of Christmas 2017 invitation

November 2017
Italy passport request Nov 17
Manchester University Phonetics Laboratory Visit
Manchester University Phonetics Visit
Mathematics Trip to London 2017 Parents Info Evening
Munich 2018 Payment letter
Year 7 Parents Evening November 2017
Year 8 and 9 Christmas Trip 2017
Year 11 Maths Mock Exam
Access for parents Nov 2017
CGP French revision guide letter
CGP revision guide letter
Christmas Fair Letter to Parents 2017
Encompass Parents Letter
Energy Quest Workshop
English Trip Jane Eyre – Bolton Octagon
Exam Regulations Year 10 and 11
Exam regulations Year 12 and 13
GCSE Pod 2017
Daresbury Lab Visit
Daresbury Lab PPMC 2018 Overview

October 2017
GCSE Geography Residential 2018
GCSE Trip to Liverpool Cathedrals Amended
Kooth Letter to Parents 2017
KS3 Stretch letter
lemn Sissay Letter Oct 2017
Let sing 2017
letter to parents careers talks
Parent Alert – 9th october 2017
Parent Alert – 10th October 2017
Paris 2018 Information
Paris 2018 Payment Plan
PTA Disco October 2017
PTA Pamper Night November 2017
What students need to remember
Wideworld Letter 2017
Year 7 8 9 photographs
Year 7 Test November 2017
Year 7 Test October 2017
Year 8 Paris Trip 2018
Year 8 Test November 2017
Year 10 and 12 Photographs
Year 11 Mock Instruction Booklet 2017
Year 11 Study Leave 2017
Yr 11 GCSE Liverpool cathedral Trip Oct 2017
Yr 11 Maths Revision Guides
Bolton Octagon – Jane Eyre 2017
Bonfire Abbotsfield Park 2017
CERN 2017 Paid
CERN 2017 Passport
CERN Trip 2017 2nd letter
CERN Trip 2017 PP
CERN Trip 2017 Unpaid
Christmas Trip to Dick Whittington Panto
Computer Science Letter
Festival of Christmas 2017
From Urmstons Lakeland to Cumbrias (2)

September 2017
Extracurricular Timetable Autumn 2017 Y9
Extracurricular Timetable Autumn 2017 Y10
Extracurricular Timetable Autumn 2017 Y11
Extracurricular Timetable Autumn 2017 Y12
Extracurricular Timetable Autumn 2017 Y13
Extracurricular Timetable Autumn 2017
Italy update Sept 17
Lemn Sissay Letter 28th Sept
Munich 2018
Parent Alert – 21st September 2017
School Fund – 7 September 2017
School Photographs 2017
Ski Trip 2019
Splendid Production
Sponsored Walk Letter Further Information
Sponsored Walk Letter Sept 2017
Work Related Learning
Y10 English Set Texts
YEAR 11 Music letter
500 Club New 2017
Battlefields Parents Evening
CERN Trip November 2017
Cranedale Letter 3
Extracurricular Timetable Autumn 2017 Y7
extracurricular timetable autumn 2017 Y8

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