Saul’s Palace Visit

Year 8 Urmston Grammar Student and Trafford Police Cadet, Saul McIntyre, is pictured here at the Palace of Westminster in London.

Saul, in his role as a police cadet, was on hand at the Manchester Marathon in April, dutifully handing out bottles of water to runners and tidying up the inevitable litter that accumulates on such on occasion. So dedicated was he to these tasks that his supervisor commended him for his hard work, and Saul was selected to be honoured with a trip to Westminster.

Two other cadets – from Stockport – were awarded the same honour, and together they travelled by train, from Stockport to London, accompanied by Greater Manchester’s Chief Superintendent. Once at Westminster, they heard a speech delivered, in the House of Lords, on social action, before being treated to a tour of Westminster Palace.

What a wonderful thing that Saul should be honoured in such a way, himself having been involved in selfless social action, but not thinking about an award, just doing what he does! Saul, we’re proud of you.

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