Headteacher’s blog: ‘Whatever Moves You’

Too often, we hear our young people are the most stressed and sedentary generation ever.

Urmston has proud tradition of sporting excellence with some of the incredible results from our teams and individuals. In 2016/17 the girls were Trafford & Manchester Champions for U13 and U15 Volleyball and U13 Indoor Cricket, Lancashire Champions. Not to be outdone our boys were Volleyball U13 Manchester Champions; U14 and U16 Badminton North Trafford Champions and Year 8 Trafford Football cup winners.
We are also very fortunate with the variety of sports and activities our hardworking PE department provides – and for them participation is just as important as achievement.

While team competition can spur some students on to higher achievement, a significant number of young people are intimidated and turn away from sport.
It is sad so many don’t find activities which they are more suited to until much later in life.

Competition is not bad in itself and most people enjoy seeing themselves improve. If the combative rather than competitive aspect of sport is a turn-off, look for activities that allow you to compete against yourself instead.
Parkruns, for instance, are not a race against fellow runners but against your last time and whether you run, jog or walk the free course the only aims are enjoyment and beating your personal best.
Golf pits human against course, riding teams human with horse; both great solo activities but which can be done with others – for fun or competition.
Yoga and Pilates can improve flexibility and they are also a great way to relax body and mind.
Walking is an excellent way to incorporate activity into non-sporty life: easy to do alone or with friends. Work up a sweat or barely break out in a glow in the fresh air while letting your feet and mind wander. If you walk with someone take the opportunity to chat and it is possible that you will barely notice an hour of exercise has gone by.

Sport fosters self-belief, discipline, stamina, concentration, commitment, team work, friendship and leadership. And, in some cases, it will lead to a career. While most will never achieve the dizzying and pressurised heights of a professional sportsperson, there are a huge number of careers which can fulfil a passion for sport.
Behind any professional player is a whole team – the coach, team doctor and physio, the sports psychologist, sports scientists and nutritionist – which gets their star into top form.

The commercial side of sport offers opportunities in business, law, marketing, media and finance among many others.
PE teachers, Armed Forces PTs and personal trainers move, motivate and inspire people every single day.

This year’s ‘Whatever Moves You’ theme for Sport Relief is all about getting students feeling good while they do some good. The Nation’s Billion Steps Challenge, using Sport Relief App is challenging us all to collectively beat one billion steps a day, every day, for the whole of Sport Relief week (March 17-23).

The money raised will support more than 2,000 projects in the UK and around the world, tackling projects as diverse as malaria, maternal health and mental health Let us know if you are taking steps to raise life-changing money for Sport Relief and to improve your own health and happiness through sport.

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