Headteacher’s blog: Mrs Wall

The whole school community was rocked by the devastating bombing at the Manchester Arena last week. News of a terrorist attack is always frightening, but this incident has been particularly upsetting as it is in our home city and involved so many young people – like our pupils – at an event where everyone should have gone home having had the time of their lives. Sadly, this was not the case – and it is absolutely heart-breaking.

We spent time speaking to the pupils about the incident last week – as a school we think it is important to talk openly about issues that are surrounding us rather than avoiding them. We were very careful with the facts that we shared – but as with so many young people – most of them would know as much as us through the power of social media.

We saw our role in school to just be there to let them ask questions, tell them what they want to know, support and comfort them, and manage the emotions of the young people that we are responsible for.

While we are all feeling the effects in the aftermath of this incident, and emotions are still very raw, I think it is also important to remember that this is an extremely rare occurrence. By no means does this take away from how awful it is – but helps to convey the message that we should continue to live our lives as normal.

All our thanks go to the tremendous efforts of the emergency services who are working tireless but also the community as a whole. Out of this tragic event, we have seen the best of our society, people have come together to support and show love for each other – which is tremendous.

However, if you are concerned about your child and think he or she is traumatised by events in the news, please talk to us and we will do our best to help.

I would like to thank everyone at the school for the way that they have handled themselves after this incident, particularly as many pupils are undergoing exams. I hope that everyone can enjoy a restful half term and come back ready to tackle new challenges.

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