Headteacher’s blog: Mrs Wall

Once upon a time (well,17 years ago), the Society for Storytelling started its annual National Storytelling Week, to highlight the importance of the oral tradition of storytelling – the very first way of communicating life experiences and the creative imagination.

From folklore to fairytales, family history to our nation’s history, stories are handed down the generations, told from parent to child, grandparent to grandchild, teacher to student, ensuring a continued bond through the ages.

It connects information and emotion, and puts English at the centre of every subject we teach.

I believe everyone has at least one fantastic story in them and they just need to have, or learn, the confidence and creativity to tell it.

The skill of getting people to listen to what you have to say, to communicate effectively and persuasively, is valuable at any age and in every walk of life.
Great orators make great leaders, entertainers and friends.

Whether it is addressing an audience, speaking off-the-cuff in a small group, managing others, reading out loud to young children or acting, communication skills are vital.

Everywhere in business today “storytelling” has become a buzzword, with brands acknowledging the power of a good tale to motivate, engage, and sell.

The dreaded university or job interview doesn’t look so bad if it is seen as an opportunity to tell the story you know better than anyone else – your own.

And most importantly, it is fun. What are TV dramas, theatre plays, books, songs but wonderful stories told creatively?

Every student has something to say and here at Urmston Grammar we strive to give them the skills to do it. We will be celebrating the art of storytelling in our assemblies but this is not something we do just during National Storytelling Week – we highlight the importance of this skill throughout a student’s seven year journey with us.

The reporters for the Urmston Review are setting a short-storytelling challenge, open to all students, with the best one being published, along with an interview with the winner. It is a great way to showcase your talents and I would urge all students to get involved.

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