Plane Plummets 500 Feet in 18 seconds

On the 11th of January a Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 Turboprop Plane was flying from Belfast City to Glasgow at an altitude of 1,350 feet when the 60-year-old pilot realised something was wrong. The plane had risen to 1,500 feet when the problem was discovered: the plane’s autopilot was set to was to 0 altitude! So, not long after, the plane shot nose-down towards the ground. The information we have now was released to the public just hours ago.

The 44 passengers and 4 stewards on deck were all told to remain calm shortly after leaving Belfast City Airport when a plane driven by Flybe (an airline) was discovered to have a life-threatening malfunction.  The Air Accident Investigation Branch dubbed “AAIB” revealed information to the public on the 8th of November 2018. The info that we have access to is as follows…

The plane was on an incorrect auto-pilot setting so, after ascending to 1,500 feet, the plane began to rapidly descend. At first it fell to about 1000 ft in about 18 seconds. It then continued to plummet even further until the captain and first man recognised the problem and managed to correct the auto-pilot and land safely in Glasgow, a journey – I bet – which nobody slept through! In total the plane sank 928 feet and as it was a 4000 feet per minute descent. The plane would have crashed within seconds if the crew had not intervened just when they did. People on the flight described it as a terrible ordeal and, therefore, the people on the flight are likely to demand and receive compensation. the flight operators have been taken into simulation training.

This is all the info that has currently been released to the public.

A story reported by Billy

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