Pep Guardiola: I failed to convince my players to attack Monaco

Manchester City crashed out of the Champions League on away goals after a 3-1 defeat (6-6 on aggregate) to Monaco in their last-16 second leg yesterday.

 A desperate first-half display saw the away team give away their 5-3 lead as they conceded twice in the first half due to their sloppy play, while further defensive frailties were exposed by Tiemoue Bakayoko’s decisive third goal.

The second half saw City score their only goal in the match but also conceded in the 77’th minute to make the score 6-6.

 The City manager said: “All managers make mistakes but I don’t think it was down to a tactical mistake. The result leaves Premier League champions Leicester City as the only English team in the last eight.

 Former Manchester City winger Trevor Sinclair on BBC Radio 5 live said: “From the first kick of the second half they went long and the gaps appeared. They needed to realise that sooner. In the first leg, Yaya Toure did that. It happened too late here.

Former Manchester United defender Phil Neville on BBC Radio 5 live also said: “They have been two brilliant football matches. City lost it in the first half when they were outplayed, outfought and were bullied.”

Also this week, google marks the 140 year anniversary of the test cricket by creating a google doodle. The logo shows a drawing of the first test cricketers in action in their traditional all-white attire. The letter l is represented by a green bat, while the other letters are printed on the players’ shirts.

Article written by: Rose

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