PE Department

Each pupil in Years 7-9 receives one double and one single lesson each week following our chosen activities which relate to KS3 of the National Curriculum.  These include Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Dance, Football, Gymnastics, Health Related Fitness, Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Rugby, Tennis and Volleyball, the majority of which are taught as single sex groups.  In KS4 pupils have one double lesson each week and may ‘opt’ for certain activities within the National Curriculum guidelines.  This allows older pupils the opportunity to develop any particular interest and they can specialise in activities they enjoy and most of these activities are taught as mixed sex groups.

The GCSE course offered to years 10 and 11 pupils is 60% Practical and 40% Theory.  Pupils take a wide range of practical activities and are assessed in each one with the best four counting towards the final mark.  The theory is assessed by a formal examination in Year 11 and questions the pupil’s knowledge in exercise and training, safety aspects in sport and applied anatomy and physiology.

The A level course builds on the student’s experience at GCSE to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the factors that effect performance and participation in PE. Students are given the opportunity to develop an interest in a variety of roles such as official and performer at AS and then specialise at A2. The course is 40% practical and 60% theory with 2 hour written exams both at AS and A2. Pupils in Year 12 participate in P.E. or community work on one afternoon per week when they can ‘opt’ for sport either on site or at local sports centres.

All pupils are assessed at the end of each unit of work in accordance with the National Curriculum, and these assessments are used in the formation of the pupils’ Records of Achievement, as well as providing a basis for monitoring individual progress and development.


The school is very fortunate in that it possesses outstanding facilities for sport including a full size sports hall, fitness suite, astroturf, gym/dance/drama studio, playing fields and shared use of an all-weather cricket square and tennis courts.  W
e hope that all pupils will be encouraged to view sport in the long term and feel that a broad based curriculum will assist the majority to discover an interest which they can continue long after leaving school.

Our extra-curricular programme is wide and all pupils are encouraged to attend practices.  Activities take place both at lunch time and after school with many fixtures against others schools.  Inter-form competitions have also proved to be very popular and these take place at regular intervals throughout the school year.

We are 5 minutes away from Chill Factor, our local skiing, snowboarding and climbing centre which we use weekly to prepare for skiing holidays in Austria and France, mountain biking, climbing and caving weekends and much much more. Our greatest wish is that as many pupils as possible will avail themselves of these opportunities.

Extra curricular activities

We do offer a huge range of activities from snow boarding, rock climbing and mountain biking. Click on this sentence to see the current offer, however, a picture is worth a thousand words they say...


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