Advanced Exam Information 2022

Students sitting their GCSE and A Level exams in 2022 have faced significant disruption to their education caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In an attempt to ensure the 2022 exam cohorts are not unfairly disadvantaged, JCQ and Awarding Bodies are making two key amendments to the exam arrangements this year. These are outlined as follows:

(1) In 2020 'Centre Assessed Grades' were used in place of exams to award students their GCSE and A Level qualifications. In 2021 an adapted 'Teacher Assessed Grade' process was used to award students their qualification. Nationally this saw a significant rise in the number of higher grades (9-7 at GCSE and grades A*-B at A Level) awarded to students. JCQ has confirmed that, though the number of higher grades awarded in 2022 will not match those in 2020 and 2021, grade boundaries will be adjusted to ensure there is still a greater number of higher grades awarded this year in comparison to pre-pandemic years. 

(2) To support students in preparing for their exams in 2022, exams boards have released 'Advanced Exam Information' for each subject to help students prioritise their revision towards the topics which will have a heavier weighting in the summer exams. In the vast majority of subjects this change does not reduce the number of topics which could be assessed, but simply acts to support students in their preparation. Please see below the Advanced Exam Information from the exam boards in each subject at GCSE and A Level taught at Urmston Grammar School.