No Boundaries at Lancashire Cricket Club! Urmston Girls Win Dance Competition

Urmston Girls have won the Girls without Boundaries competition in partnership with the Michael Carrick Foundation.  This was a dance competition that took place at the Point, Lancashire Cricket Club, Old Trafford.

Our girls competed against girls from 8 other schools, and, alongside Hazel Grove High, they achieved joint first place with a dance piece that the girls had composed entirely by themselves, and which they had rehearsed several times a week in preparing for the competition.

The Urmston team featured: Charlotte Bean, Charlotte Clarke, Lydia Furness, Shalom Abitogun, Rebeka Szentgyorgyi, Emilia Harris, Enya Smith, Issy Clapworthy and Roisin Mackey

“Brilliant news!” exclaimed Headteacher Mrs. Wall on hearing of the girls’ success.

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