National Careers Week (2nd-7th March 2020)

National Careers Week was launched at Urmston Grammar on Monday 2nd March during Form Time with a careers focused lesson prepared by the CEIAG Co-ordinator on ‘Staying Positive (Resilience)’ followed by a ‘Guess Which Teacher/Staff? Quiz’, whereas Year 8 instead spent time preparing for two employer events that followed. The ‘Guess My Job’ workshop involved students asking questions to a panel of 5 employers to try to guess their roles. The students managed to guess the jobs within the time, with those guessing correctly being awarded prizes. The panel then had 2 minutes each at the end to speak in more detail to the students about their jobs. The ‘Careers Speed Networking’ workshop involved 21 volunteers from a range of career sectors including law, media and quantity surveying. Students had 6 minutes with each volunteer to ask them as much as possible about their job. The events were a great success, with positive feedback received from students and volunteers.

A number of our volunteers stayed on after the Year 8 events to visit other year groups and speak to students about their careers. Year 10 Biologists were joined by a Clinical Scientist and two Radiographers from The Christie that linked their roles to key themes on the curriculum, including Cancer and Health and Disease. Students were able to handle head and neck masks that patients have moulded and wear during radiotherapy treatment to keep the body still and allow for treatment to be as accurate as possible. Students were engaged and posed excellent questions. Year 9 Drama students heard from a Festival Director and Year 9 Maths students from a Project Manager, Year 10 French and German students heard from an Interpreter, Year 12 Physicists were joined by a Nuclear Engineer and a Civil Engineer, and Year 12 Chemists by a Process Engineering Manager.

Lunchtime on Monday gave students in Years 9-13 the opportunity to listen to an excellent employer talk from a Clinical Psychologist, whereas students in Year 12 also had the option to attend a session from Northumbria University on ‘How to make the most out of the UCAS convention’ before their visit on Wednesday afternoon to hear from universities and employers about degrees and apprenticeships. All Year 10 students listened to an inspirational employer talk from an Editor at BBC Radio Five Live during PSE on Friday morning. The students had spent time preparing for the talk in advance, including considering questions they wanted to ask, to make the encounter more meaningful. Great feedback was received for all these activities from the students.

Parents of Year 12 students attended the Post-18 Options Evening on the Wednesday, and listened to a presentation delivered by Jess East from MMU on Degree Apprenticeships. Parents also heard a presentation on apprenticeships from the school CEIAG Co-ordinator and a presentation on post-18 options including university and gap year options from the Sixth Form Team.

During PSE on Friday Year 8 Form Tutors delivered a careers focused lesson on apprenticeships prepared by the CEIAG Co-ordinator. Students completed the ‘Employer Logo Quiz’ and the ‘Apprenticeship Bingo’ which Year 7 had done during National Apprenticeship Week (3rd-9th February 2020), along with the ‘Guess Which Teacher/Staff? Quiz’. Students in Years 7-13 also had the opportunity to attend the weekly Careers lunch time drop in session on Thursday (rearranged from the usual Wednesday).

Mrs. Sandys took a group of her English Language A Level students to Urmston Juniors on a workplace visit to observe a Reception Class Phonics lesson, linking careers to the curriculum. Meanwhile at the Christian Union meeting she asked students to explore ‘Careers and the Workplace’.

As per usual students continued to be e-mailed with relevant careers related information. Many posters were displayed around school, including the ‘In the future I want to be a’ posters detailing the future career aspirations of students per form group, along with the ‘Teacher door sign’ posters providing information on teachers’ previous jobs and the skills they developed, prompting many students to have discussions with their teachers’ about their career paths.

Throughout the week students were also able to take part in fun activities and quizzes. Congratulations to 7S, 9T and 11S who got 6/10 on the ‘Guess Which Teacher/Staff? Quiz’. These were entered into a draw and Mrs. Longden picked out Mrs. Rowland’s form group (7S) as the winners. Congratulations also to two students from Mrs. Ryan’s form group (8M) and Mrs. Evans form group (9N) who entered quizzes throughout the week including the NHS Careers word search and crossword quiz. All were awarded prizes!

Urmston Grammar would like to express our thanks to all of our individual volunteers and to all of the organisations who supported our events. It is only with your support that we can offer these opportunities to our students and we are extremely grateful.

Amy Marshall (CEIAG Co-ordinator) and Natasha Kinder (Co-ordinator of Work Related Learning)


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