Howdy y’all,

We are currently on our third day in Houston, Texas – so far we’ve covered a range of amazing activities! On Monday we had a tour of mission control and the robotics lab and we even saw a life-size replica of the international space station which was out of this world 🌍  🌓. Later that day we built a rocket and developed some thermal and cryogenic materials (which protect astronauts from extreme temperatures 👩‍🚀). The next day, we launched the rockets that we had previously built and we saw the real Saturn five rocket 🚀 we even built a Martian habitat 👽- it was really cool! Today, we built a robot and took part in a coding challenge where we guided a robot around a course – so far it’s been extremely enjoyable and a once in a lifetime experience!
I’ll keep you updated!
Fliss 🛸

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